Multi-wire universal brush for cobblestones cleaning

Flowers, shrubs and grass are what the garden is really about, but there is more to it. Think about pavers and all the exiting layouts you may create to complement your little, or vast, acreage. You can choose from a wide variety of products to build beautiful garden paths. Best-selling rustic, multi-coloured or minimalist pavers are appreciated as sturdy and practical solutions, but they could also add a decorative element to the garden and deliver eye-catching effects. Unkempt, slimy pavers with ingrained muck and weeds in between joints bring no appeal to the garden. Regular maintenance is key. It is done by clearing pathways from leaves, dirt and grime as much as removing weeds and detritus from the gaps between the paves.



Moss, grass and weeds certainly spoil the appearance of the pavers. More importantly, however, they present a safety hazard where overgrown vegetation in the paver joints makes the surface slimy and skiddy. In addition, expanding roots and creeping rootstocks lift blocs and distort the surface. To avoid pavement heave you should regularly and expertly remove moss, grass and weeds from even the tightest crannies. By using a trowel or a knife to dig out plants and pull the roots out you may destroy the paver structure. A wire-bristle brush seems a perfect choice to deal with weeds in the gaps. On the one hand, it removes plants and clears the surface from mould, fungi and mud, but on the other hand, the rigid wire bristles can scratch the surface. Alternatively, you may opt for chemicals as long as you remember that every single plant must be removed from the gaps. The truth is this job is simple when you talk about it, but in reality, scrubbing cobbles on your knees is no fun.


But it does not have to end like this. The users of diesel trimmers can mount a special cleaning head that works like a brush and effectively removes a build-up of plants, detritus, moss and grime leaving the surface intact. It is a quick and easy way to get a spectacular effect and secure more time to relax in your garden.